Black Cows Roam Twin Falls Streets for Halloween

2022-11-08 01:55:30 By : Ms. Nancy Chen

Maybe they couldn’t find horse costumes for Halloween.

I keep my eyes wide when I drive to work in the wee morning hours after Halloween. Just in case there are cattle wandering the city!  I first spotted the mini herd at the swinging bridge.  They were in the far right southbound lane.  They were also loud.  It was like a scene from Red River.  I stopped and hit my caution lights as a warning to other drivers.  Then I called 9-1-1. Front Fiberglass Door

Black Cows Roam Twin Falls Streets for Halloween

As I got off the phone, the animals turned around, headed north, crossed the street, and headed down Minidoka.  A couple of deputies came driving by and I attempted to flag them down, but they must have had another obligation.  I slowly followed the cows with flashers on until the city police came along and then I headed into the office.

The livestock appeared to be headed back to the sale barn.  It made me wonder if some pranksters had released them.  My main concern was to keep them safe and other drivers safe.  Black cows have some camouflage at 2:45 a.m.!

One of my old coworkers was on the graveyard shift some twenty years ago.  His grandfather had gifted him a pristine classic car.  It was pitch dark and he came over a rise and ran headlong into a horse.  No more classic cars!

Black Cows Roam Twin Falls Streets for Halloween

Oak Grain Fiberglass Doors Cattle in the streets isn’t anything unusual for city police.  They had a similar case a few months ago.  Nobody got hurt and everyone walked away in good health.